Related Studies

This is a list of selected studies on totalitarianism.  As there many other important studies on the topics, it is not in meant to be seen as a complete list.

The European Comission

Agents of Change: How National Museums Shape European Identity, European Policy Breif, March 2012

Report on Archives in the enlarged European Union, 2005

Member States

Culture of Remembrance, April 2010. By Dr. Claudia Schmied, Federal Minister for Education, Arts and Culture, Austria.


Dealing with the Past: Memory and European Integration, 2011. By Prof. Dr. Carlos Closa Montero, The Jean Monnet Program, NYU School of Law.

National Report of the Crimes of Communism in Slovenia, February 2010. Study Centre for National Reconciliation, Slovenia.

Study on how the memory of crimes committed by totalitarian regimes in Europe is dealt with in the Member States, January 2010, Submitted by Prof. Dr. Carlos Closa Montero, Institute for Public Goods and Policy, Centre of Human and Social Sciences, CSIC, Madrid.
Communism in the Baltic States, 2008, By Andres Küng, Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation.
Att tro men inte veta (To believe but do not know), 2007, a study by the UOK in Sweden which shows a very low level of knowledge among Swedish school children with regard to Communism. (in Swedish)
The Former Communist Party Archives in Eastern Europe and Russia: A Provisional Assessment, 1997. International Institute of Social History.

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