Related European Parliament texts adopted, statements, public hearings, and press releases

Texts Adopted

Texts Adopted: European conscience and totalitarianism 2/4/2009

Texts Adopted: European Parliament resolution of 15 January 2009 on Srebrenica 15/1/2009

Texts Adopted: European Parliament resolution of 23 October 2008 on the commemoration of the Holodomor, the Ukraine artificial famine (1932-1933). 23/10/2008.

Texts Adopted: Declaration of the European Parliament on the proclamation of 23 August as European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism. 23/9/2008. 

Texts Adopted: European Parliament resolution on the situation in Estonia 21/5/2007. (Decision related to the situation which occurred in Tallin when the ‘bronze soldier’ statue was moved)

Texts Adopted: European Parliament resolution on the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and its historical meaning for Europe. 26/10/2006.

Text Adopted: European Parliament resolution on the 25th Anniversary of Solidarity and its message for Europe. 28/09/2005.

Text Adopted: The Balkans: 10 years after Srebrenica. 07/07/2005 

Texts Adopted: European Parliament resolution on the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe on 8 May 1945. 12/5/2005.

Text Adopted: European Parliament resolution on remembrance of the Holocaust, anti-semitism and racism. 27/01/2005. 

Texts Adopted: European Parliament resolution on the situation in Estonia Latvia and Lithuania. 13/1/1983. (Decision related to the Soviet Unions occupation of the Baltic states)

European Parliament questions to the Commission and Council and their answers

-“Remembering Katyn and the Gulag“, 14 September 2011
-“No to anti-communist measures in Slovakia“, 14 September 2011
-“Monument to the Franco regime in Tortosa“, 24 March 2011
-“Different treatment of the crimes of Communism“, 11 February 2011
-“Impunity for denial of communist crimes“, 27 January 2011
-“Crimes committed by totalitarian regimes in Europe“, 10 January 2011
-“Public justification of crimes against humanity and war crimes“, 7 December 2010
-“Removal of Fascist monuments in South Tyrol“, 15 November 2010
-“25 May — European Day of Heroes of the Fight Against Totalitarianism“, 11 November 2010
-“Vestiges of dictatorial regimes in the South Tyrol“, 28 September 2010
-“Duty of remembrance and Community commemorations“, 26 July 2010
-“Fascist monuments in South Tyrol“, 22 July 2010
-“Opposition to the Polish authorities’ anti-communist campaign“, 19 January 2010
-“European Union approval for the treatment of Nazis as heroes“, 4 January 2010
-“Fascist parties and organisations in Europe“, 2 October 2009
-“Criminalisation of communist ideology in Lithuania“, 31 August 2009
-“New legislation planned by the Russian Federation to penalise persons with different views on World War II events“, 27 April 2009
-“Referring correctly to German concentration and extermination camps“, 23 April 2009
-“Unacceptable anti-Communist legislation in Lithuania“, 16 April 2009
-“Insults and violence at the Golobivnica common grave“, 16 March 2009
-“European conscience and heroes of the fight against totalitarianism“, 9 March 2009
-“Declaration on the proclamation of 23 August as European Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism“, 3 February 2009
-“Commission support for the new European network of official authorities in charge of the totalitarian communist secret police files“, 3 February 2009
-“Commission action regarding the evaluation of the crimes of the totalitarian regimes at EU level“, 9 December 2008
-“European conscience and totalitarianism“, 9 December 2008
-“New case of anti-communism“, 24 June 2008
-“Lack of transparency concerning the disclosure of the former totalitarian secret service Darzhavna Sigurnost files“, 17 June 2008
-“Provocative prosecutions of anti-fascists in Estonia“, 29 May 2008
-“Growth in support for parties espousing totalitarian traditions in Europe“, 13 May 2008
-“Unacceptable ban on the Communist Youth Union of the Czech Republic (KSM)“, 8 April 2008
-“Proposed hearing of the Commission on ‘crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by totalitarian regimes’“, 6 March 2008
-“Delay by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria“, 5 March 2008
-“Crimes of the totalitarian Communist regime“, 12 February 2008
-“New anti-democratic measures by the Latvian Government“, 27 November 2007
-“Judicial and legal reform in Slovenia“, 6 November 2007
-“Archives of defunct States and fundamental rights of citizens“, 29 October 2007
-“Fate of the Villa Lituania“, 25 October 2007
-“Building for the commission disclosing the files of the former totalitarian secret service Darzhavna Sigurnost in Bulgaria“, 11 October 2007
-“Discrimination by the Slovak authorities against forced labour victims“, 13 September 2007
-“Property in Romania“, 6 September 2007
-“Attack by the Polish Government against the historic dignity of the International Brigades“, 5 June 2007
-“Russia-Estonia relations“, 10 May 2007
-“Estonia: anti-communist crime against history“, 30 April 2007
-“Estonia’s right to freedom from the former USSR“, 29 March 2007
-“Planned demolition in Estonia of Soviet memorials commemorating liberation from German fascism“, 1 March 2007
-“Removal of Soviet monuments in Estonia“, 8 February 2007
-“Removal of Soviet memorials for Member States“, 8 February 2007
-“Provocative pro-Nazi policy by the Estonian authorities“, 30 January 2007
-“Demolition of Second World War memorials in Tallinn, Estonia“, 12 December 2006
-“Continuation of anti-communism in the Czech Republic“, 28 November 2006
-“Non-adoption of act regarding public access to the archives of the former totalitarian secret services in Bulgaria“, 21 November 2006
-“Outlawing of the KSM“, 31 October 2006
-“Arbitrary penalisation of Communist Youth of the Czech Republic by the Czech Government“, 24 October 2006
-“Prosecution of Lithuanian anti-fascists“, 12 September 2006
-“Anti-communist hysteria during elections in the Czech Republic“, 20 June 2006
-“Investigation into alleged cases of the state-sanctioned killing of persons trying to flee Bulgaria during the period from 1975 to 1989“, 29 May 2006
-“Continuation of anti-communist campaign“, 29 May 2006
-“Access to the documents of the First Head Department of the former Darzavna Sigurnost in Bulgaria“, 17 May 2006
-“Statements made by Mr Batten, MEP“, 20 April 2006
-“Vote on 1 March 2006 in the Bulgarian National Assembly regarding the files of the former totalitarian secret service Darzavna Sigurnost“, 29 March 2006
-“The walls of silence“, 29 March 2006
-“Major resurgence of fascism in Latvia“, 23 February 2006
-“Fabio Capello’s defence of the Franco regime“, 17 February 2006
-“Commission position on the files of the former totalitarian secret service Darzavna Sigurnost in Bulgaria, which are closed to public examination“, 9 February 2006
-“Condemnation of communist regimes by the Council of Europe“, 27 January 2006
-“Attempt to condemn communism“, 15 December 2005
-“Life of Lithuanian political prisoner Burokevicius at risk“, 1 December 2005
-“Persecution of B. M. Kononov, a former partisan“, 3 November 2005
-“Council of Europe resolution on ‘the need to condemn communism’“, 15 September 2005
-“Kaliningrad“, 21 June 2005
-“Importance of Europe’s past in a bid to live in the present and lay the foundations for our future by having recourse to truth, not ‘opinions’“, 26 May 2005
-“Long-term consequences of the Second World War“, 9 March 2005
-“Anti-communist remarks by Commissioner Ján Figel“, 9 February 2005
-“Statements by the President of the Commission at the event to mark the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp“, 3 February 2005
-“EU ban on wearing of Nazi symbols“, January 28 2005
-“Celebrations to mark the end of World War II in Russia“, 24 January 2005
-“Russian commemoration of the end of World War Two“, 13 December 2004
-“Recognition by Russia of illegal Soviet occupation“, 13 December 2004
-“Discrediting the fight against fascism and erection of monuments to the Nazis“, 26 August 2004

Motions for Resolution

Motion for Resolution: European Parliament resolution on the situation in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the ‘Communist revolutions’ of 1975. 23/11/2005.

Proposal for a Recommendation to the Council

Proposal for a Recommendation to the Council: European Parliament recommendation to the Council on condemning Soviet crimes against civilian and military prisoners. 19/03/2009


Statement by EP President Jerzy Buzek: European Day of remembrance of victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, 22 August 2011.

Formal sitting: 20th anniversary of the democratic change in Central and Eastern Europe (video), including President Buzek’s statement and an opening speech to the Planery by former Czech President, dissident, and independence leader, Vaclav Havel. 11/11/2009.
EP press release on Vaclav Havel’s speech
Press Release from President Buzek

Declaration: by Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of European Parliament, On the 60th anniversary of deportation of some 100 thousand Baltic States citizens in March 1949. 23/3/2009

EP Public Hearings and Seminars

Conference: “Legal Settlement of Communist Crimes,” 5 June 2012

Conference: “Occupation After Liberation,” 8 May 2012 

Seminar: “Life after the Soviet Union,” 7 March 2012

Public Hearing: On the European Commission’s Report: The memory of the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes in Europe, 19 October 2011 

Public Hearing: What do Young Europeans know about Totalitarianisms?, 29 March 2011

Panel Hearing: The Endured European Dream of Bulgaria: 1944-1989, 17 November 2010

Seminar: “Reinterpreting History: How the Kremlin Thinks and what this Means for Europe” 3 February 2010

EP Public Hearing: “European Conscience and Crimes of Totalitarian Communism: 20 Years After” 18 March 2009  
(Photos, final conclusions, programme, greeting by Václav Havel, speech Alejo Vidal Quadras, speech by Jan Zahradil, third step towards European platform of memory and conscience Czech Presidency initiative, transcription from the March 25, 2009 plenary session of the European Parliament recordings of the hearing, and videos of hearing)

EP Public Hearing: “Crimes committed by totalitarian regimes,” Organised by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, April, 8 2008. Document put together by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU in 2008:
Crimes Committed by Totalitarian Regimes (report, 316 pgs)
Press Release
Speech on the occasion of the hearing on crimes committed by totalitarian regimes, Jacques Barrot  
Statement of the European Hearing “Crimes committed by totalitarian regimes”
Memo on European hearing on crimes committed by totalitarian regimes 
Contribution of the 1st European hearing on “Crimes committed by totalitarian regimes” (PDF with signatures)

Press Releases

European Parliament

Solidarność and former EP President Simone Veil honoured in Brussels, 30 August 2011

Strasbourg session: historical events remembered, visit of Tajik president, 4 June 2010

Brussels session: EU summit, Moscow bombings, remembrance of Katyn massacre, 7 April 2010

Anniversaries this year: From the Hitler-Stalin Pact to the fall of the Berlin Wall , 28 October 2009 

1989: The year of revolutions – a look back 20 years on, 27 August 2009

Summer of 1989: MEPs remember the Baltic Way, 24 August 2009

Debate: Europe and its past – the crimes of totalitarianism 20 years on, 16 April 2009

European Parliament resolution on European conscience and totalitarianism, 2 April 2009

MEPs to vote on resolution on European conscience and heroes of the fight against totalitarianism, 3 March 2009

Ukraine’s man-made famine remembered, 8 December 2008

MEPs debate the Holodomor, the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s, 16 October 2008

Hitler and Stalin’s victims remembered with special day , 03 October 2008

MEPs adopt written declaration on the proclamation of 23 August as European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism , 22 September 2008

Genocide and other crimes committed by totalitarian regimes, 17 April 2008

European hearing on crimes committed by totalitarian regimes, 08 April 2008

EPP Group

EPP President saddened by the passing of Václav Havel, 18 December 2011

10-11 May: EPP holds Political Assembly in Vilnius, Lithuania to commemorate 20th anniversary of restoration of independence; hosted by PM Kubilius, 10 May 2010

Emergency Resolution adopted by the EPP Congress, Bonn, 9-10 December 2009 on Totalitarian communist regimes. 9-10 December 2009

Europe needs an integrated perception of its common history: Tunne Kelam MEP. 26 March 2009 

Holodomor commemorated in the European Parliament Joseph Daul EPP ED group chairman, 23 October 2008

S&D Group

Prague spring declaration urges support for democratic movements. 16 May 2008

European Socialists commemorate Prague spring. 15 May 2008

Socialists urge EU to act against rewriting of history. 4 April 2008

Euro MPs remember a dark past and address a bright future The European Parliament today marked the end of the Second World War with a special debate on the future of Europe and honoured the memory of victims of oppression both during and after the conflict. 11 May 2005

Euro MPs commemorate Srebrenica massacre and look to the future. 6 July 2005

ALDE Group

Verhofstadt : with Havel dies a part of the European conscience, 18 December 2011

Keynote address by ALDE President Guy Verhofstaft at a 20th Anniversary event on the fall of the Berlin Wall organised by the Charlemagne Prize Foundation, 8 November 2009

ECR Group

The 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, 10 November 2009

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