Meeting of the Reconciliation of European Histories Group

On May 10th, the Reconciliation of European Histories group had its group meeting at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. At the meeting, the group discussed plans for the upcoming EPP hearing in the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) on the December 22nd 2010 Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and to the Council: The memory of the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes in Europe. 

The upcoming hearing, to be held on September 22 2011, will be focused on the Commission’s report which aims to present how the Commission intends to provide a basis for further discussion on how the European Union can contribute to promoting memory and education on the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes. The aim of the Commission’s report was to answer the request from the Council to report on whither a need of an additional instrument in the area of xenophobia and racism is needed. The Commission found that active promotion and financing of education, awareness, and the preservation and documentation of history are essential to combat xenophobia and racism. In order to further, with concrete steps, this important work, the Reconciliation of European Histories group will contribute to an EPP hearing in the CULT committee on the Commission’s report. 

Additionally, during the meeting the group drafted and adopted a statement on regarding the frequent mislabelling of Nazi concentration camps in Europe(see the statement here) and decided that the next group meeting will be held this year at the end of June.

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